Furniss Phoenix 1850 Knee CPM

Item Code: 72640
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T Sutter Corp.
Model: Phoenix 1850
Categories Rehab Equipment

72640 - Furniss Phoenix 1850 Knee CPM

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Power cord is pulling out of plug A CPM Machine built to withstand rigorous use, the Phoenix Model 1850™, by Furniss Corporation, is constructed of steel, yet is lightweight. Its design is highly refined and meticulously assembled by hand. It has reliable, easy-to-use settings and electronics. The unit is portable and small enough to be put away and kept out of the way when not in use. It is a choice machine for knee rehab and gaining a proper range of motion. The Phoenix 1850; has a digital display pendant that is easy to comprehend. Features: •It provides a comfortable therapy session with anatomic accommodation for all patient sizes. •Provides axis-to-axis motion, a skid pad and bed to stabilize. •Includes a hand-held control pendant with a turn dial design that is intuitive. •It has a tripod position that reduces contamination and makes it easy to store. •It is easily converted from adult to child size. •It includes a safety stop if motion is obstructed. •It is steel constructed and has a dual ball screw assembly. •It accommodates both left or right leg.