Diagnostic Ultrasound BVI 3000 Bladder Scan with Cart
Diagnostic Ultrasound BVI 3000 Bladder Scan with Cart
77965 - Diagnostic Ultrasound BVI 3000 Bladder Scan

Face has a few cracks around the main screen
Unit showing Calibration was due 2/2017

1 Battery Charger
2 Batteries
1 570-0091 Scan Head

The BladderScan® BVI 3000 is a portable, 3D ultrasound instrumentthat quickly, accurately, and noninvasively measures urinary bladder volume and post-void residual (PVR).BladderScan BVI 3000

• LCD screen displays bladder position andvolume; aiming icon assists in proper probeplacement
• 3D display shows the bladder in 2 crosssectionalimages to verify an accurate scan
• Easy-to-print exam results for patientrecords or reimbursement procedures
• Helps document cost savings andcatheterizations-prevented based onuser-determined statistical input

Benefits:. Noninvasively measures bladder volume and post-voidresidual (PVR). Helps assess urinary retention and postoperative urinaryretention (POUR). Helps prevent unnecessary catheterization and unnecessarytrauma to patients. Helps reduce rates of catheter-associated urinary tractinfection (CAUTI). Helps evaluate many common urological conditions:. Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Bladder outlet obstruction (BOO). Overactive bladder (OAB). Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). Helps differentiate between types of incontinence. Helps monitor intermittent catheterization